Fall Creek Gorge – The Potholes

The Potholes. If you grew up in west central Indiana, you immediately know what I’m talking about. I didn’t, but my love of nature preserves led me to it. Fall Creek Gorge was taken over by the Nature Conservancy in 1986, but for many years it was a local spot for swimmers, partiers, and nature lovers alike. Due to overuse, the Nature Conservancy severely limited visitation rules to this 37 acre Warren County preserve, located a few miles west of Attica, with a parking lot that only holds maybe 5 cars (no parking allowed roadside). It has the nickname “The Potholes” due to the many circular indentations carved out in the creek bed.

On this visit, the creek was at a very low flow, lucky for me because it makes the potholes and rock formations much more visible. Sadly, the Nature Conservancy has strict rules against swimming/wading, and there simply is no way to fully enjoy and appreciate this preserve without getting your feet wet. In the past, we have actually been followed by a Conservation Officer, making sure we stayed on the trail. There was nobody patrolling the preserve this time, evidenced by several locals already onsite with kids in the water. The Nature Conservancy claims they have rules against swimming/wading in the creek because it once tested for high E. coli bacteria; yet the Indiana DNR site says this creek was given it’s “Highest Quality” water rating. I suspect it has more to do with safety, as in the past there were many people who would get hurt slipping in the potholes or climbing the hillside. Regardless, Kaden and I arrived and walked up a small tributary creek, enjoying the scenery, and returned to the main Fall Creek just as the last locals were leaving, giving us the preserve to ourselves for awhile.

Being the rebels we are, Kaden and I waded out into the creek to the mouth of the gorge. I’m an amateur nature photographer, it’s not my fault! To get the good pics, you gotta find the angle, and that meant being in the creek. We didn’t actually walk into the gorge itself, with all the potholes I’m pretty sure I would have ended up in one (they can be inches deep to a few feet deep) and that wouldn’t have been good on my camera. After getting some pics and splashing around, we got back on trail and hiked to the back of the preserve, where the creek gets it’s name, with a nice waterfall. From there, we hiked down stream into the canyon that leads to the gorge, walked back, and then up creek beyond the falls as well. There is no way to put into words how awesome this tiny nature preserve is, with the 80 foot canyon walls, tree lined rim, and ferns sprawling on the sides. Where there were no potholes, the water was extremely calm and relaxing. We made our way back to where we entered the preserve at, and hiked down stream further than we had ever gone before, where we discovered huge grooves carved into the creek bed, which all lead to another waterfall. This one is more of a water slide, but beautiful no matter what you call it.

This was by far the longest we’ve ever spent in this preserve, mostly because we had it to ourselves and weren’t afraid to wade in the creek and experience it the way it is meant to be experienced, feet fully engulfed in the creek. My apologies to the DNR and Nature Conservancy, but we tread lightly anywhere we go, and my camera lens only reaches so far.

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6 thoughts on “Fall Creek Gorge – The Potholes

  1. I’m thinking your next job should be writing and photography for travel advertisers. Your posts, with the info and beautiful pics make me want to go to all these places that look soooooo enjoyable!!!

    1. I wish! Honestly I started this blog hoping people might find it’s information whenever they do a Google search for these areas. A lot of times I’ve searched for info on places we are going, and found the most info and pics from other people’s blogs, such as St. George Island, the best camping spots at St. Joseph Bay, etc. Thought I’d join the fray.

  2. Being a Warren county resident..this is a favorite place to go. I have taken some amazing pictures of my kids over the years.

  3. I love the potholes. Absolutely gorgeous place. I have so many beautiful photos from there. 🙂 maybe need to make another trip and get some new photos and take my boys. They’ve never been. 🙂

  4. As a third generation Warren County native, I am thrilled that the Nature Conservancy took possession of the Potholes. Purdue students had discovered the place and were coming here in droves to drink and rouse and leave behind their mess. At times there were 20 or more cars blocking the road. Warren County is a beautiful place. Nothing so grand,but lovely and bucolic. We strive hard to keep it that way. I am so glad you visited and brought your son!

    1. J,
      I was just there.
      Your right! This place was CRAZY to visit! All the rowdy ppl made it an awful trip! If there was too many cars we just keep driving.
      Booze, nakedness, guns, fires, drugs, trash, and vandalism. I am also so glad it has been cleaned up some! They arrested alot of ppl I heard.
      Sometimes DnR is there sometimes not. Sometimes he hides in the trees out of site.
      It needed some help. Alot of ppl hate the DnR protection rules but I’m not sure they understand what was going on.
      It is private property afterall but more importantly it is a Preserve. Not a park.
      Protect the critters and plants ya know. I’ve seen smashed snaked/turtles and all the flowers pulled up for kiddie bouquets.
      Nice to see another like minded post. Thanx.
      Take pictures and leave footprints.

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