Nature Therapy on the Autism Spectrum

It’s no secret that nature is good medicine.  We can all benefit from getting away from the daily stress in our lives and reconnecting with nature, that’s what this blog is all about.  But how does it relate to those on the Autism spectrum?  Just look at our family, we are living proof.

Slone's Wilderness Expeditions

Our son, now 12, was diagnosed with autism in 2007.  Over the years, we’ve pushed him out of his comfort zone.  Sure, he’d prefer to stay at home in his safe place, playing video games or drawing pictures.  But that is counterproductive (for all kids), they need to get out and experience the world.  Whether it’s interacting with animals, getting over a fear of heights, or even having problems with the feel and texture of rocks, we’ve put him in those situations to help him understand and get over his fears.  He’s now to the age of not always finding it “cool” to be out with mom and dad, and we certainly still have issues to overcome.  It is an adventure, and not one that will work for everyone.  This is our story. Please take a few minutes to watch.


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